Podcast Episode 2 – Work Experience Relaunch!

Podcast Episode 2: Work Experience Relaunch! October 19, 2021

Welcome to our podcast. We are the UK’s largest Education Business Partnership EBP. The Changing Education group delivers the best-in-class work experience and careers management services to provide the perfect placements to educational institutions. Combined with Connect, a global market-leading work placement management platform to start careers, clients benefit from a single solution for all their needs.

This week Company Directors & Co-Founders Matthew Hodgkinson and Stephen Hackney and host Amos Madra will be discussing “Work Experience Relaunch.”

“Really carthetic reflection on COVID-19 vs Work-Based Learning and the future of work experience, I hope listeners find this Interesting. Looking forward to next week’s 😀” Stephen Hackney (Co-founder/Director)

Click this link to listen to the podcast.

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