We’re proud to have received some great feedback from our customers. Here’s what they have to say…

“Changing Education promised a fresh approach to the endless paperwork and filing that had previously been involved. We weren’t disappointed, the outdated paper-system was replaced by an efficient online programme that was easy to use and kept all the relevant information in a clear format. CONNECT has really changed our working day, we love it!”

Hannah Rutherford

Morecambe Community High School

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across the UK

Project 25 students with
30 having a statement of SEN

“Southam College has a successful relationship with Changing Education, working together to provide a cost-effective, simple delivery system for our Key Stage 4 work experience programme. The CONNECT online platform is useful in providing us with a single point of information on placements and qualifications. I was impressed with how easy the system is to use and to keep a track of all of our students’ work experience placements.”

Mr Hughes

Career Services Manager, Southam College

“The Changing Education software provides a single source to track learners’, placements and employers. The system offers reports to help source placements, track learners progress and appraise the placement itself. The system also enables staff at all levels in the organisation to track how many learners have placements planned and completed, and how many are yet to have sourced a placement. Ultimately, the systems, processes and procedures are clear and transparent, making the process of securing, tracking and appraising work placements as fluid as possible.”

Lee Smith

Vice Principal, South Cheshire College

“We have worked alongside Changing Education for five years now and have found the variety of packages they have developed invaluable in helping us to meet individual student needs. The CONNECT online platform is useful in providing us with a single point of information
on placements and qualifications.”

James Pulle

Wilmslow High School

Students out
on work experienceere

“Rewarding is the main word I’d use.”

Mike Bailey

a private employer we work with

“Changing Education has enabled a cost-effective, easy-to-use delivery system of our Key Stage 4 and 5 work experience programmes.”

Alan Wilson

Malbank High School

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