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    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

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    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

    See how it works for different sectors

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For school and college careers advisors

You want to provide your students with work experience placements and a route into the workplace. We can help you do just that, saving you time, money and hassle as you match your students with potential employers. We can structure a programme allowing all your students to find work experience and develop competencies and meet professional standards.

What does the package include?

  • The ability to run a work experience programme on a limited budget
  • Improved employer links for schools and colleges
  • On-hand support from experienced professionals
  • Comprehensive block placement packages
  • Organisation of all necessary administrative systems, safeguarding policies and insurances
  • We ensure a guaranteed placement

Our background

Everyone in the Changing Education team has a background in education, we are passionate about making a change and partnering with schools and colleges to help their students make the right choices and realise their potential through work placement programmes.

Our one-stop-shop package is ideal, as it works in partnership with schools and colleges to implement work experience programmes, including building relationships with local employers, completing risk assessments and final evaluations.

Virtual Employability Programmes

We believe it is vital pupils don't miss out on work-based learning opportunities, and that's why we've introduced a range of virtual employability programmes - leaning on over ten years of experience delivering pioneering programmes to support you and your students. We are now continuing our mission to Inspire Future Leaders with Virtual programmes offered using our student-facing technology.

Employer engagement

Changing Education has a wealth of experience in finding Work Experience and industry placements across a diverse range of industries

Our experienced employer engagement team source thousands of placements each year for leading school, academy and college groups, including

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Get even more with our Connect software and app for students

  • In-built Assessments
  • Gatsby Benchmarked
  • Access Quality Placements
  • Rich evidence for Ofsted reporting and audit trails

Employer partners


Students out on work experience


Schools and College Partners across the UK

Sector Spotlight Sessions

Sector Spotlight Sessions offer a fantastic career resource for your students. Industry professionals provide a powerful insight into the world of work and offer students invaluable advice on how to get those first steps onto the ladder. We have some big names lending their support, including The BBC, NHS, Virgin Media, Barclays, and many more.

Watch Now

We catch up with students from the Harris Academy following their work experience week

We ask hundreds of students how Work Experience has helped them make informed decisions about future career choices. You can listen to Harris Academy students talking about their personal experiences working with big companies across London, or click the link below to more students across the UK.

Watch other Student Videos
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What do our clients think about that?

'If you're thinking of starting a work experience programme in your should consider Changing education group'

Mark Parsons, The Cheshire College

Three factors you take into consideration when deciding to partner with us.

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Factor 1

We save schools on average 15K-20k in administration costs associated with the delivery of work experience.

Factor 2

Our best in class Software package captures all programme data and allows you to evidence all key government drivers.

Factor 3

Our ConnectED App enhances student engagement supporting Careers and Work-based learning delivery.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any costs associated with providing Work Experience?
Only your time. PPE or any other items needed for work experience will be up to the student to provide. You don`t need to upgrade your insurance.
Do I need to complete a Risk Assessment?
If you have a young person's risk assessment in place, there is no need to complete another. If you don`t, we can quickly complete one for you.
Do I need Insurance?
Your existing employers' liability insurance policy will cover work placements provided your insurer is a member of the Association of British Insurers or Lloyds, so you don`t need to obtain any additional employer's liability insurance if you take on work experience students. The ABI website confirms this.
What jobs will the student be expected to do?
Work experience students are treated the same as your employees. If you are happy with the student's competence to complete tasks, they can. You can also give them training for specific tasks. When you induct students, explain the risks and how they are controlled, checking that they understand.
How will I be supported?
We will support you at every stage. We send you a risk assessment template to use if you need it, and we are always available via email or telephone.
Will the student be prepared?
Yes. Students are educated beforehand in school, and we share resources with them to help them understand the behaviours and requirements in the workplace.
Will I be able to interview the student first?
Yes. Students are required to contact you for an introduction. At this meeting, you can have a conversation with the student and evaluate their suitability for your business.
How long will the placement last?
Work experience placements between 5 and 10 working days. You and the student will agree on the hours of work.
Can I provide feedback?
Absolutely. On the penultimate day of placement, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback. We encourage you to do this, as feedback is shared with the school.
How do I cancel a placement?
If your circumstances change, and you are no longer able to offer a placement, please get in touch with us on 01625 837309 or email us at
Do I have to pay the student a wage?
Work experience is unpaid for students.
Do I need to provide or complete a DBS?
The Government is cutting the red tape that can sometimes get in your way when working with young people: You do not need to carry out an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Services (formerly CRB) check on members of your staff supervising young people aged 16-17. If an education provider requested a DBS check for this group, you would be entitled to refuse.
I have been told that students need a CSCS card to work on building sites, so work experience isn`t possible?

Work experience students do not need a CSCS card. The CITB has stopped this because it creates unnecessary barriers restricting student access to construction sites. CSCS does not issue cards to those on work experience placements. "Students perform a non-construction-related activity, and it is the responsibility of the site management team to ensure they remain safe at all times."

Each site will operate differently, so it is up to the employer to keep those on work placements safe. This often includes the delivery of a site induction highlighting the specific dangers of a site and arranging for individuals to be appropriately supervised.

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