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About Changing Education

???As the UK's largest EBP delivering a range of employer brokerage services, combined with Connect, a global, market-leading work placement, and careers management platform, our clients can benefit from a single solution for all their delivery and software needs.??? Matthew Hodgkinson, Director.

What makes us tick

We are passionate about helping students make the huge leap from the classroom to a career. We???ve created an incredible programme to make that possible for every student, from work experience to apprenticeships.
We don???t just care about making connections, but ensuring that the right opportunities go to the right students in the right businesses and organisations.

What our users say:

???The work that we do in partnership with Changing Education has supported a significant increase in pupils moving into sustained education, training and apprenticeships post 16. Changing Education work closely with us to ensure the best outcomes for all pupils and are an intrinsic part of our Careers Programme.???

Careers??? Lead, Adelaide Trust.

Helping students make the huge leap from the classroom to a career

???Take advantage of it; pick up skills; step into your future???

???Brilliant for your CV in the future???

???Shows that it???s possible to do what you want to do???

???I was getting to the giving-up point, but a teacher helped me find a placement through Changing Education???

???I started making coffee and by the end I was working on real, live shows!???

???I did computer science at GCSE and in my work experience I helped build a tech company???s website???

???I turned from being really shy to finding myself???

???We took work experience seriously but we also had a laugh. I really felt part of the team.???

???Have a long think about what you want to do in the future and just do it!???

How we do it

We are real people, offering a real service supported by incredible technology. We are passionate about education (all of us went to school and many of us have worked in one!). There???s a brilliant piece of software called ???Connect??? at the heart of our service which enables schools, students and employers to track work experience programmes.
We can explain how ???Connect??? works on a call with you.

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