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    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

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    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

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    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

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    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

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    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

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"If you want a product that works, you need to use CONNECT"

The Cheshire College South and West


CONNECT is different. Other businesses are helping schools and College's manage and track work experience, but we:

1. Are the most extensive and number 1 trusted single supplier solution for college groups across the UK.
2. Have a founding mission aligned with the government's drive to develop the capacity for each College to support all students to access work placements.
3. Easy Setup! Our dedicated development and information team works with you to implement, update, and develop the system.
4. We offer weekly educational and training webinars and resources for your team, complemented by a responsive client support team. We're a web platform and mobile app with a human face.

We get it

We have a delivery team, so we understand the barriers you face and host regular working groups via our ambassador network, ensuring our ongoing investment in development spend is aligned with the ever-evolving landscape.

It's easy to connect with your employers and manage risk with CONNECT!

Our system is perfectly aligned to ProMonitor, ProSolution, Compass +, Tribal EBS along with other systems as part of our data exchange service.

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See how we've helped Abbie Hilidebrands to place her students

We use Connect Software every day and for absolutely everything within the work experience team

Colleges love using Connect software

“CONNECT from Changing Education has given us the opportunity to focus our time on the real issues regarding placements and not be overrun with admin or paperwork. It offers us an easy-to-use interface with which we can record, monitor, and evaluate our placements which offering a reporting structure that gives us information and statistics to use for our KPIs. A great acquisition that we intend to use year on year as we grow.”

Andrew Snape, Newcastle and Stafford College

“The Connect Platform is straightforward to navigate and allows for the College to manage and track the entire Work Experience and Industry Placement Journey for both the Employer and Learner as well as record encounters with Higher Education and Employers. Connect enables the learners to interact with the platform and take ownership of their Work Experience Journey via the student app. Through the App, our learners complete the Placement Readiness Programme, submit Self-Placements, view their upcoming Placement details, submit Self-Assessments, and complete Work Experience Feedback all within one platform. Connect has helped the College streamline the Employer Engagement process by storing all employer details and interactions in one place and has made collating Risk Assessments and Employer Appraisals much more time-efficient. The Data Exchange Service enables the College to monitor the Work Experience and Industry Placement progress and has streamlined the reporting process.”

Charlotte Dexter, Stockton & Riverside College

“Priestley College has been using the Connect system for three years and we really value the ability to combine Work Experience logging, Careers interactions and use it as an employer engagement/CRM tool. The system allows you to integrate communication effectively between students, employers, and the education provider covering placement set up, risk assessment, and feedback. The Connect team is very responsive and our queries are always dealt with promptly and professionally. Regular webinars support users through the host of new developments the Connect team is constantly working on. Using Connect has made reporting simple and efficient and given me complete confidence in the data we are gathering.”

Pam Gardner, Priestley College

“We have worked in partnership with Changing Education for several years during which time they have supported us in remapping our work experience delivery models, Ofsted inspections, T-Level implementation, Risk Management, and the implementation of the CONNECT Software. Which has been instrumental in ensuring we deliver best practices for our students and employers, in addition, enable us to set targets at all levels thanks to the succinct reporting functionality.”

Mark Parsons, The Cheshire College South & West

“Our work experience team hasn’t used a more intuitive CRM system. The CONNECT team are responsive and on many occasions have dropped everything to help me if I have been stuck with something. The system is transparent and user-friendly. The team is constantly keeping up with trends, creating efficiencies, and developing. They hold twice-weekly webinars which the team uses to keep up to date with these developments.”

Tammy Montgomery, Wirral Metropolitan College

“I have all my current employers on the Connect Platform, which makes it easier to communicate and be on top of all of the Health and Safety checks. The employers are linked to my students on Industry Placements & I can monitor time spent on placement. it makes it easier for the employers to assess and monitor the students’ performance to meet with T-Level requirements. Students use the mobile app to register their interests, so opportunities can easily be matched. Connect is designed to be easy to use. It is set up to assist with large numbers of work experience activities happening around the college formal and informal with the use of the student app. All activities are tracked against the Gatsby Benchmarks, with easy-to-access reporting to meet Ofsted requirements.”

Violet Williams - Birmingham Met College (BMET)

“Connect was useful during a recent audit as all the necessary documentations are in one place. It is a great system for exporting data, which makes reporting, tacking, and monitoring easier. It is also easy to provide evidence of our work experience and T-Level activity that we are tracking against the Gatsby Benchmarks and Ofsted requirements.”

Alison Thompson - Blackburn College

“I use Connect to record all areas of Work Experience, Industry Placement, and Careers activities at the College. For logging documents, updating placement details, seeking Risk Assessments and monitoring progress, etc., to meet with Ofsted requirements. It is very easy to navigate the system to report Work Experience. It is essential for keeping a log of the businesses that are willing to take placements making it easier for years to come when maintaining relationships. It is a great system for helping you to chase Risk Assessments and Appraisals etc. It is easy to make amendments and upload data. It allows you to clearly see your progress, with access to multiple stats and downloadable data to enable you to track against the Gatsby Benchmarks and provides evidence to Ofsted. They have a great team to help you with anything you need.”

Anna Myers - Stoke on Trent College

“We use Connect to track all aspects of work placements and CDF, T-Level Placements. From Health and Safety reports, student placement hours, marking registers, gaining employer and student feedback to accurately report on our ILR. The list goes on. Connect has completely streamlined our way of working. It has allowed us to gain more accurate data – from the hours the student partakes in a work placement, to the feedback which is reported back to us regarding student progress in line with Ofsted requirements. Connect also allows working remotely from our different campuses and with different departments within the college. We were in the CDF pilot to help us to get ready for the T-Level Qualification, the Connect software has allowed us to plan for this and has helped us to adapt to the new ways of working in line with the requirements of Ofsted.”

Abbie Hilderbrant - Warrington & Vale Royal College

“At St Helen’s College, we have been using Connect since September 2019, to support our Industry placement provision in preparation for T-Level delivery in the future (22/23). This software allows the College to provide employers with accurate and quick information, acts as a tracking system for the College, and is a tool to support our learners log their improvement in skills and experience throughout their placement.”

Danielle Judge - St Helen's College

“Changing Education completed a period of consultation with our teams to support us with remapping our delivery models and practices. We also took this opportunity to implement the Connect platform which has been instrumental in enhancing all aspects of our work-based learning programmes.”

Lee Smith - AITC Gold Coast College

“The system is easy to navigate and gives an accurate picture for reporting purposes, everything on there is transparent and visible support is always available with regular contact from our account manager.”

Marie Donnelly - Hopwood Hall College

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