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Comprising of two core businesses, The Changing Education Group EBP and CONNECT software, we keep schools and colleges at the forefront of work experience excellence.

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Achieving our mission through governing principles

The 6 core principles in our code of practice ensure that we fulfil our mission to make quality work experience the norm for every student.

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We are the largest EBP in the UK

The Changing Education Group has become the largest EBP in the UK, working directly with over 225 schools and colleges and forging strong links with 65,321 employers

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Our mission

As the UK's largest EBP, The Changing Education Group aims to deliver best in class work experience and careers management services to educational institutions throughout the UK and Australia. Combined with Connect, global market-leading work placement and careers management platform, clients benefit from a single solution for all their delivery and software needs.


The Changing Education Group supports schools in the challenge of helping students in their professional journey.


Colleges can track and monitor work experience, work-based learning and industry placements.


More than 65.000 employers in UK and Australia joined The Changing Education Group.


Students benefit from a vast range of professional possibilities and options within The Changing Education Group.


We help EBPs in strengthening their relationships with schools and employers by providing a single solution to management and tracking.


We help LEPs in accessing new partnerships with schools and employers by providing a single solution to student management and tracking, and by working collaboratively with delivery, including the licensing of our products and services.

With The Changing Education Group buy one, get one free.

We are the only EBP in the UK and Australia with embedded software, including an IOS and android student app for managing careers and work based learning activity.

Changing Education

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The Changing Education Group is the largest Education Business Partner (EBP) in the UK. We take pride in supporting partners to develop and implement successful work experience programmes.

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The Changing Education Group is used by 200+ schools and colleges across UK and Australia

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Our reviews

“CONNECT from Changing Education has given us the opportunity to focus our time on the real issues regarding placements and not be overrun with admin or paperwork. It offers us an easy to use interface with which we can record, monitor and evaluate our placements which offering a reporting structure that gives us information and statistics to use for our KPIs. A great acquisition that we intend to use year on year as we grow.”

Andrew Snape – Newcastle and Stafford College

“Changing Education promised a fresh approach to the endless paperwork and filing that had previously been involved. We weren’t disappointed, the outdated paper-system was replaced by an efficient online programme that was easy to use and kept all the relevant information in a clear format. CONNECT has really changed our working day, we love it!”

Hannah Rutherford

“Southam College has a successful relationship with Changing Education, working together to provide a cost-effective, simple delivery system for our Key Stage 4 work experience programme. The CONNECT online platform is useful in providing us with a single point of information on placements and qualifications. I was impressed with how easy the system is to use and to keep a track of all of our students’ work experience placements.”

Mr Hughes

“The Changing Education software provides a single source to track learners’, placements and employers. The system offers reports to help source placements, track learners progress and appraise the placement itself. The system also enables staff at all levels in the organisation to track how many learners have placements planned and completed, and how many are yet to have sourced a placement. Ultimately, the systems, processes and procedures are clear and transparent, making the process of securing, tracking and appraising work placements as fluid as possible.”

Lee Smith

“We have worked alongside Changing Education for five years now and have found the variety of packages they have developed invaluable in helping us to meet individual student needs. The CONNECT online platform is useful in providing us with a single point of information on placements and qualifications.”

James Pulle

Our relationships with The Changing Education Group is excellent, they are always there when we need them. Their work experience programme is very easy to follow and Connect brings everything together saving us time and money.

Lambeth College

About The Changing Education Group

The Changing Education Group established in 2008 by education professionals has become the largest education business partnership provider in the UK, working directly with over 225 schools and colleges and forging strong links with 65,321 employers. This growth is only set to continue, and our ongoing investment in innovation and technology has seen the launch of The CONNECT Placement Manager App to complement our established CONNECT platform, allowing a complete paperless approach to work experience.

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