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    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

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    Connect software

    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

    See how it works for different sectors

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The hassle-free way to recruit students

Join big names

Work experience

Perfect for any business size

A wide range of benefits regardless of company size

Small business

up to 20 employees

A cost-effective method of overcoming temporary staff shortages
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Medium-sized business

20-100 employees

Inject new, innovative ideas in areas where you’ve identified a skills gap
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100+ employees

Send a positive message to the entire workforce about the organisational values
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Why partner with us?

Easy to support programmes either onsite or remotely

No charge

Providing work experience will bring on many benefits at no cost to you.

No paperwork

Our software makes the process easy to manage for you and your student.

24/7 customer support

Our team will support you every step of the way

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Why should you hire students?

  1. Access a talent pipeline of students eager to succeed in your industry
  2. Play your part in bridging the gap between education and employment
  3. Assigning staff as student mentors can boost morale
  4. All students pre-screened to ensure a best fit placement for your businesses

Are you struggling to gain access to a diverse talent pipeline?

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of businesses reported hosting a placement was simple
of businesses told us they would offer their student a job following work experience
of businesses witnessed a marked improvement in staff morale after hosting a placement
of businesses reported they would host again.

Connect Software made it easy

Our easy to use software platform supports you at every stage

Case study

We've decided to partner with Changing Education Limited in delivering this programme because we believe that they are one of the largest educational brokerage companies in the country and have certainly demonstrated their high level of expertise.
Independent brewing and pub retailing company

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Apprentices are created each year following our Work Experience Programmes

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any costs associated with providing Work Experience?
Only your time. PPE or any other items needed for work experience will be up to the student to provide. You don’t need to upgrade your insurance.
Do I need to complete a Risk Assessment?
If you have a young person's risk assessment in place, there is no need to complete another. If you don't, we can quickly complete one for you.
Do I need Insurance?
Your existing employers' liability insurance policy will cover work placements provided your insurer is a member of the Association of British Insurers or Lloyds, so you don't need to obtain any additional employer's liability insurance if you take on work experience students. The ABI website confirms this.
What jobs will the student be expected to do?
Work experience students are treated the same as your employees. If you are happy with the student's competence to complete tasks, they can. You can also give them training for specific tasks. When you induct students, explain the risks and how they are controlled, checking that they understand.
How will I be supported?
We will support you at every stage. We send you a risk assessment template to use if you need it, and we are always available via email or telephone.
Will the student be prepared?
Yes. Students are educated beforehand in school, and we share resources with them to help them understand the behaviours and requirements in the workplace.
Will I be able to interview the student first?
Yes. Students are required to contact you for an introduction. At this meeting, you can have a conversation with the student and evaluate their suitability for your business.
How long will the placement last?
Work experience placements between 5 and 10 working days. You and the student will agree on the hours of work.
Can I provide feedback?
Absolutely. On the penultimate day of placement, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback. We encourage you to do this, as feedback is shared with the school.
How do I cancel a placement?
If your circumstances change, and you are no longer able to offer a placement, please get in touch with us on 01625 837309 or email us at
Do I have to pay the student a wage?
Work experience is unpaid for students.
Do I need to provide or complete a DBS?
The Government is cutting the red tape that can sometimes get in your way when working with young people: You do not need to carry out an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Services (formerly CRB) check on members of your staff supervising young people aged 16-17. If an education provider requested a DBS check for this group, you would be entitled to refuse.
I have been told that students need a CSCS card to work on building sites, so work experience isn’t possible?

Work experience students do not need a CSCS card. The CITB has stopped this because it creates unnecessary barriers restricting student access to construction sites. CSCS does not issue cards to those on work experience placements. “Students perform a non-construction-related activity, and it is the responsibility of the site management team to ensure they remain safe at all times.”

Each site will operate differently, so it is up to the employer to keep those on work placements safe. This often includes the delivery of a site induction highlighting the specific dangers of a site and arranging for individuals to be appropriately supervised.


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