I am an employer…


I have received an email from school/ college/ Changing Education and have not heard of the student and have no recollection of the placement being organised.

Contact the relevant school/college.

Do not reply to the email as it is an automated response and will not be picked up.

I have not received a risk assessment to complete for my work experience student(s).

Check your spam/junk mail.

Contact Changing Education for a request to be resent to your email address and ensure the email address they have is correct/ up-to-date.

Does my current insurance cover work experience?

All work experience students are covered by your existing Employer’s Liability Insurance.

How do I complete an appraisal for the student?

You will receive an appraisal request via your email. It is a short online form which will be submitted back to the school once completed.

If you have not received an appraisal, contact the school to request an email.

My work experience student(s) have not turned up for their placement.

Block week work experience – contact the school directly.

Traineeship extended work experience (1 or 2 days a week) – Contact the Attendance Officer at Changing Education on 01625 837309

Will the student contact me prior to the work experience placement?

All students are strongly encouraged to make contact with their placement in order to introduce themselves and gather any relevant information needed before their work experience (i.e. start times, uniform requirements, lunch requirements etc…).

If you have not heard from the student, contact the school directly.