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    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

    See how it works for different sectors

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    Connect software

    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

    See how it works for different sectors

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CONNECT Heath Check CPD Session.

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CONNECT Health Check!

Missing out on CONNECT Tech?
Struggling to implement your work placement and career programmes? Are you missing out on using functionality that will save you time, improve productivity, enhance communication (reporting) and inform the quality of your services?

Answer? Yes, Unsure, Don’t Know?

If these, are your response, then this is the webinar for you?

Still not sure, are you accessing all the functionality below? If you answered NO then please sign-up to improve your knowledge.

Universal Functionality!

  • Data Exchange Service (Never create a report again with automated secure SQL/MIS reporting) YES / NO
  • Automated Functionality (Attendance, Risk Management, Employer Feedback, Student Appraisals) YES / NO
  • Email / Document Editor Tool (Personalise email / documents) YES / NO
  • Student Mobile App (Get out students involved digitally) YES / NO
  • Access Gatsby Reports YES / NO
  • Set up Labels – Cross Course Reporting YES / NO
  • Dashboard / Status Table Reporting YES / NO

Work Experience Management!

  • Navigate Pathways Placement Tracker YES / NO
  • Create a Placement (link Student with an Employer) YES / NO
  • Verify Self Placement YES / NO
  • Verify Placement Opportunity YES / NO
  • implement student self-assessments *Skills Builder YES / NO
  • Submit Smart Targets YES / NO
  • Manage Placement consent YES / NO
  • Get Placement Documents YES / NO
  • Request Employer Appraisal / Student Feedback YES / NO
  • Manage Attendance YES / NO
  • Get Placement Certificates YES / NO
  • Access Placement Data / Reports YES / NO
  • Navigate Student Database YES / NO

Managing my employers!

  • Submit Employer Engagement Interaction YES / NO
  • View Employer Engagement Activity YES / NO
  • Submit/Share Placement Opportunities YES / NO
  • View Placement Opportunities. YES / NO
  • Generate Employer Activity Data Reports. YES / NO
  • Navigate Employer Database YES / NO

Managing my Careers and Work-Related Learning Activity

  • Submit Careers Action Plan YES / NO
  • Submit Careers Activity YES / NO
  • Create Bespoke Careers Programmes YES / NO
  • View Student C.V.s YES / NO
  • View Careers Activities YES / NO
  • Careers Activity Reports YES / NO
  • Student Industry Interests YES / NO

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Once you have attended the CPD event we will be offering all our clients a Health Check Consultancy Session which you can be used to ensure:

  • CONNECT has been implemented correctly.
  • Staff fully understand all functionality available to them to complete their role effectively
  • As part of an external quality assurance audit to ensure your programmes are high quality and compliant with Ofsted / Gatsby Agenda.

Podcast Episode 9 – Risk Management (December 8, 2021)

On today’s show Company Directors and Co-Founders, Matthew Hodgkinson and Stephen Hackney turn their attention to the subject of Risk Management. In this week’s session, we will be looking at all things Risk-Management and discussing effective strategies to remove barriers and make this process as simple as possible.

Click this link to listen to the podcast.

Want to hear more from our directors? click this link to enter our company podcast library.

Stephen Hackney

Director / Co-founder


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