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CONNECT Newsletter 01.10.2021

Greetings from the CONNECT Team. 

This week is all about: 

  • Missed this week’s webinars?. 
  • Free Email/Document Editor Functionality.
  • Next Weeks Webinars. 
  • Education and Training Playlists.
  • Support and Guidance. 

Don’t forget to access our WebsiteLinkedin page, and YouTube channel for all the up-to-date content and resources. 


CONNECT® “New Tech” – Pathways Progress Tracker (28.09.2021)

CONNECT® New Tech – Consent Management (30.10.2021)

Watch the Training Video

Next Weeks Webinars!

Sign-up here
Sign-up here

CONNECT Playlists

If you are struggling to get your server up and running, or need advice on any of the CONNECT functionality please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at connectsupport@changingeducation.co.uk 

We also offer Q&A sessions that clients have found useful to share any queries or questions. 

Let’s get your server up and running!

What do I need to do?
Step 1. 
Get your students imported via a manual import or via the Data Exchange Service 
CONNECT Mini Guide – Student Import Spec and Manual Import 
CONNECT Webinar – DES Data Exchange Service

Step 2. Add/Remove staff access. 
CONNECT Mini Guide – Staff Creation & Import Spec
Step 3. Update/Cleanse your employer database. 
CONNECT Webinar – Employer Database & Geolocation
Step 4. Get your automated risk management, attendance, and appraisal functionality turned on. 
CONNECT Webinar – DKIM CRON Guide / Automated Functionality
Step 5. Review your Health & Safety Risk Management Template. 
CONNECT Webinar – H&S Risk Management
Step 6. Launch the CONNECT Mobile App with your students. 
CONNECT Mobile App Launch Poster
CONNECT Mobile App Student user guide 
Step 7. Review the Education and Training Video Resources
Step 8. Sign-up to attend the weekly CONNECT Webinars

All server set-up user guides can be accessed by clicking this link 

Stephen Hackney

Director / Co-founder


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