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    Centralised work placement and careers platform that empowers productivity and management

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CONNECT Newsletter 14.01.2022


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Greetings from the CONNECT Team, we hope you have had a productive week. 

This week is all about:
CONNECT Development“What’s New?”

  • New User Guide Section. 

Educational Technology Insights 

  • We’ve been listed as one of the Top five Ed Tech Organisations in the U.K

Changing Education Podcast

  • S2. Episode 1 – Work Experience!

CONNECT Refresher Webinar –  missed this week’s webinars?

  • CONNECT® “Bitesize CPD Session” – Web & Mobile App Refresher

CONNECT Education & Training

  • CONNECT® “Health Check”.

Don’t forget to access our WebsiteLinkedin page, and YouTube channel for all the up-to-date content and resources. 

CONNECT Development! “Whats new this week?”

User Guide Section.

We have incorporated all our CONNECT Web and Mobile App education and training video resources into the knowledge base within your CONNECT navigation panel. The user guide section has been separated into key functionality sections to make it easy for staff to locate the user guides specific to their role or need (Screenshot below). 

Access the Full Article Here

Work Experience – Season 2 Episode 1 – January 12th, 2022

Do you remember your work experience job? In this first episode of the season, 2 Company Directors and Co-Founder Matthew Hodgkinson and Stephen Hackney discuss all things work experience and the value employers bring to young people through work experience opportunities.

this link is to listen to the podcast.

Want to hear more from our directors? click this link to enter our company podcast library.


CONNECT Bite-Size CPD Session

CONNECT Health Check!

“How are you getting on?”
Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  1. We are struggling to implement our work placement and careers programmes post covid-19? 
  2. Our employer engagement strategy is difficult to track? 
  3. We don’t advertise placement opportunities to students? 
  4. Our Health & Safety Risk Management is taking too much time? 
  5. It’s difficult to implement student self-assessment? 
  6. We struggle to track all placement attendance? 
  7. We struggle to manage & track employer appraisals? 
  8. We struggle to manage & track student feedback? 
  9. We are still using spreadsheets for reporting? 
  10. It’s difficult to log careers and work-related learning activities? 
  11. I don’t understand all the functionality available to us to manage our programmes? 

As a Changing Education CONNECT client your answers should have been disagree, if you answered agree, fear not we are here to help!

We will be offering all our clients a Health Check Consultancy Session which you can be used to ensure:

  • CONNECT has been implemented correctly.
  • Staff fully understand all functionality available to them to complete their role effectively.
  • As part of an external quality assurance audit to ensure your programmes are high quality and compliant with Ofsted / Gatsby Agenda.

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