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CONNECT Newsletter 21.05.2021

Greetings from the CONNECT Team, we hope you have had a productive week. 

This week is all about: 

  • CONNECT Web – New Functionality Development.

2 Showcase webinars next week, please sign up below.

  • CONNECT “New Tech Webinar” Pathways Progress Tracker.
  • CONNECT “New Tech Webinar” Labelling (Cross Group Reporting).

Other updates. 

  • Lands End to John o Groats and back again!
  • Get ready for the new academic year, sign-up for our Partner Training Programme

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New CONNECT Functionality

The developers have had another productive week, please find below an overview of the updates to CONNECT. 

  • New! Work-Related Learning Programme export.
  • Updated counties option in employer database.
  • Fixed attendance issue with placement early end functionality.
  • Fixed password reset when CONNECT is upgraded.
  • Increased character limit of denied placements.
  • Status Table and Exports are now filterable by Labels. 
  • Work personality dashboard chart now filterable by departments.
  • Placement certificate – specialist field updated to not default to N/A 
  • Update button added to staff/dept staff home page. 
  • Student Export now includes archived student data. 
  • New! fields added to Mobile App export.  

Large Projects? 

  • Labels (Cross department/course tracking and reporting) Webinar 26.05.2021″
  • Gatsby (Compass+) Reporting “Showcase Webinar coming soon!”
  • Bespoke Career/Work-Related Learning Programme Builder (click this link to watch the showcase webinar)
  • This weeks webinar – Email and Document Editor tool (click this link to watch the showcase webinar)
  • Enhanced Risk Management CRM (click this link to watch the showcase webinar)

Coming Soon.  (we have lots of new and exciting functionality being released over the next few months, please find a list below of a taster of things to come)

  • Delete/Update option on a careers activity. 
  • Ability to add multiple students to placements.
  • Ability to remember the last hour’s input at placement creation to auto show on next placement creation.
  • Parental Consent Email upon placement creation.

This is your opportunity to learn more about the Connect Software functionality, including key developments which have been designed to enhance the user journey. Through our market research phase, we have improved user functionality.

Pathways progress tracker will enable you to manage, track and evaluate all key interactions during each stage of your work placement programme. Pathways provide the educator with a framework to adhere to which will ensure all key documents, assessments, and interactions with both the employer and students are logged during pre-placement, placement and post-placement activities. The framework provides the delivery team with best practice processes to ensure students are receiving a meaningful learning experience as set out by the Ofsted and Gatsby agenda. This tracker provides the educator, student, and employer with the functionality to log, track and report on the student’s development and progression throughout the term of the work-based learning programme.  

Why should I attend? because the answer to all the questions below are YES

  • Can we track placements readiness?
  • Can we complete employer and student inductions?
  • Does Pathways offer the team a clear framework to follow?
  • Does Pathways allow us to track attendance?
  • Does Pathways encourage start, mid and end-point assessments?
  • Does Pathways track student’s self-analysis across the term of the programme?
  • Is work personality screening (Skills Builder Framework) incorporated? 
  • Does Pathways enable us to report on the students’ progress and outcomes?
  • Can students access their progress? 
  • Can students submit appraisals?
  • Can students submit work placement diaries?

Reserve Your Place

Why should I attend? 

This week we explore how CONNECT Labelling enables cross-group reporting. These allow you to create multiple labels, in multiple groups and attach them to students to allow quick filtering on any metric you choose to apply.

Reserve Your Place

Lands End to John o Groats and back again!

Mark Parsons (Assistant Principal – Cheshire College South & West) is cycling the length of the UK from each furthest point, Lands End to John O Groats, but then to turn around and cycle all the way back to Lands End. This is a total distance of 1900 miles, Mark’s aim is to complete this in 18 days the average time for this epic ride is 14 days for one length of the country. This will test Mark physically and mentally at every level each day of my ride, but this does not compare with what individuals who live with Multiple Sclerosis live with every day and the loved ones who support and live through this with them. 

WOW! Statistics
 – Averaging 10 to 12 hours days
 – Averaging 136 miles a day  
 – Averaging 14 – 16 mph  
 – Averaging 654 calories an hour 
 – Averaging 7194 Calories a day 

The Changing Education Group is proud to sponsor this fantastic cause, If you can help please contact Mark directly via his Facebook page here or Just Giving page here

Through supporting Mark you will be making a direct difference for people living with MS daily.

want to read more? click this link

Education and Training


Work Placements are back on the agenda and we’re here to take all the weight off your shoulders. We look forward to supporting you to get your work experience programme up and running, provide guidance on Ofsted, Gatsby, and Compass+ integration, risk management, and employer engagement while tracking and reporting on everything you and your students need.

Get ready for the new academic year, sign-up for our Partner Training Programme

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