Lands End to John o Groats and back again!

Lands End to John o Groats and back again!

Mark Parsons (Assistant Principal – Cheshire College South & West) is cycling the length of the UK from each furthest point, Lands End to John O Groats, but then to turn around and cycle all the way back to Lands End. This is a total distance of 1900 miles, Mark’s aim is to complete this in 18 days the average time for this epic ride is 14 days for one length of the country. This will test Mark physically and mentally at every level each day of my ride, but this does not compare with what individuals who live with Multiple Sclerosis live with every day and the loved ones who support and live through this with them.

WOW! Statistics
– Averaging 10 to 12 hours days
– Averaging 136 miles a day
– Averaging 12.5 miles an hour
– Averaging 654 calories an hour
– Averaging 7194 Calories a day

The Changing Education Group is proud to sponsor this fantastic cause, If you can help please contact Mark directly via his Facebook or donate via his Just Giving page.

“I am raising for Multiple Sclerosis Society because I’m hoping to make a difference.” (Mark Parsons)

Through supporting Mark you will be making a direct difference for people living with MS daily.

Route Overview
16th July – Lands Ends to Tiverton 127.7 miles
17th July – Tiverton to Hereford 129 miles
18th July – Hereford to Warrington 110 miles
19th July – Warrington to Carisle 120 miles
20th July – Carisle to Loch Lomond 126 miles
21st July – Loch Lomond to Inverness 141 miles
22nd July – Inverness to John o Groats 125 miles
23rd July – John o Groats to Inverness 125 miles
24th July – Inverness to Fort Williams 70 miles
25th July – Fort William to Glasgow 111 miles
26th July – Glasgow to Carlisle 108 miles
27th July – Carlisle to Warrington 130 miles
28th July – Warrington to Shrewsbury 64miles
29th July – Shrewsbury to Bristol 114 miles
30th July – Bristol to Tiverton 77 miles
31 st July – Tiverton to Bodmin 76 miles
1st August – Bodmin to Lands End 64 miles

Want to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis? click this link

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