Ofsted – Project 25 Team receives high praise!

The Changing Education Team is extremely proud of Craig Blount and our Project 25 team for the dedication and commitment they have shown during lockdown to ensure students experience work-related learning as a key component of a vocational career pathway.

Ofsted Inspection Feedback “Adelaide Heath Academy”.

“You have been successful in overcoming the impact of the pandemic on pupils’ work placements. Weekly virtual sessions, with a visiting expert, mean that pupils in Year 10 and Year 11 have continued to gain experience of the world of work. These pupils are well informed about their career choices. The pupils that we spoke to talked confidently about their future goals.”

Adelaide Trust Careers Lead Feedback

“I am Careers Lead at Adelaide School and I have personally worked with Changing Education for the last 3 years although they have worked with the school for longer than that.  As a SEMH school, our pupils do not follow the traditional mainstream route of 2 weeks block WEX placement, we aim to offer all our pupils a day a week on WEX for 2 years and we follow the P.25 Changing Education programme. All our pupils receive Initial assessments from Changing Education, these are usually done in person however due to covid they adapted and also offered these virtually. Our Year 11 have a review at the start of the year.  Once a suitable placement has been found (Changing Education arrange all of this and cover risk assessments etc) and the placement has started Changing Education check daily attendance in the morning so any non-attendance/safeguarding can be dealt with asap. Pupils’ progress on the placements is reviewed with them and the employer and targets are set, and they get certificates for placements.

I can honestly say that they have gone above and beyond for us, we have one key link from Changing Education that works with our school (Across our Trust now) and he is amazing. he helps with parents’ evenings, contributes to newsletters, visits pupils on placement, and sends us photos and quotes, he is great.

During lockdown, they adapted straight away and as most of our pupils were then unable to go out on placement we switched to virtual careers lessons which have gone really well. We have started the VWEX as part of those lessons this week across our Trust.

If you would like to have a look at the careers section on our website: you will see a lot of information about the work that we do with Changing Education and on our Career paths page which I have just started building you will see that 2 members of Changing Education staff have contributed to that as well.”

Nerys Steventon (Careers Lead – The Adelaide Trust)

What is PROJECT 25 Traineeship Provision (Extended Work Placement)? click this link to find out more.

Thought Leader Article – Work Placements “Lessons learned, thanks to Covid” Author: Craig Blount – Project 25 Manager (click this link to read the article)

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