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Rob Dawson – pledges to Inspire Future Leaders

Our aim at Changing Education is to #inspirefutureleaders; by giving students a real insight into the various industries and paths they could follow and to open their eyes and imagination to the potential job opportunities which are available.

We are continuing to use 2021 as an opportunity to showcase some fantastic individuals who have given us a true insight into their profession and the journey they have taken to get to where they are today.

In today’s industry insight interview video, hosted by our very own Amos Madra, we hear from the fantastic Rob Dawson – Manchester United and Manchester City correspondent for ESPN.

ESPN is one of the largest sports journalism and sport broadcasting media groups in the world.

Rob’s role focuses specifically on covering all the latest news from Manchester United and Manchester City live from the games.

Rob seeks to provide you with some insight into the world of sports journalism and what it is like to work for such a globally renowned company. He shares some fantastic pearls of wisdom and advice for any budding journalists out there.

Rob explains that “you have to be prepared to work strange hours and long hours if you want to follow a career in sports journalism”.

To find out more about ESPN and more about Rob and his exciting career follow the link below:

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